What is Concurrent Enrollment?

  • High School students enrolled in Century, Glencoe, Hillsboro or Liberty High School are able to take elective courses with HOA while still taking their core classes in their building.  Our online electives are available to all district students in grades 9-12 based on approval and availability.  Concurrent students will submit their course requests to their counselor.

    At Hillsboro Online Academy (HOA), concurrent students who take online classes enjoy a flexible learning experience. What makes HOA unique is that the online elective classes are taught by associate teachers – these are experienced educators from various schools in the Hillsboro School District who also teach at HOA. Because you won’t have immediate access to your online teacher, students that are successful as an online student are self-starters and self-motivated. 

    All of our classes are taught asynchronously using Canvas, which provides interactive and engaging lessons and assignments. This allows you to learn in a way that suits you best, while still having access and support from teachers and interaction with peers. There are no recorded lessons from teachers, so students will be working with an online curriculum that involves watching videos and reading articles and lessons on their own.  Students are given a pacing guide that needs to be followed to stay on track and finish the modules each quarter.  If you are not self-disciplined it is very easy to fall off track and it will negatively impact grades and credits earned.