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  • **Please note that due to a very low selection rate of the CDL model for students in grades K-8, there will no longer be a stand-alone CDL option available in 2021-22. Students are invited to enroll at Hillsboro Online Academy and take advantage of guided instruction options. Learn more here.**

    ** Por favor, tenga en cuenta que debido a una tasa de selección muy baja del modelo de Aprendizaje Integral a Distancia (CDL, por sus siglas en inglés) para los estudiantes en los grados K-8, ya no habrá una opción de CDL independiente disponible en 2021-22. Se invita a los estudiantes a inscribirse en Hillsboro Online Academy y aprovechar las opciones del aprendizaje guiado. Obtenga más información aquí. **

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  • July 23, 2021, 3 p.m. - HSD has updated its mask guidance for summer activities and programs, making masks optional indoors for individuals 12 and older at middle and high schools. Read more here.

    23/JUL/2021, 3:00 p.m. - HSD ha actualizado sus directrices sobre el uso de mascarillas durante actividades y los programas de verano, las mascarillas serán opcionales en los espacios interiores para las personas mayores de 12 años en las escuelas secundarias y preparatorias. Obtenga más información aquí.

    2021-22 School Year  |  Año escolar 2021-22

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Principal's Message

  • Hang on…..we are going through some Class Five Rapids at the moment….see below:


    • Due to extreme numbers of enrollments since September 1, plus the opening of school, we are in a huge whirlpool of enrollments that still need entered!  Not to worry….it is happening, we have your paperwork…but we spent last week getting courses in Canvas ready, and technology in your hands! It was so great to meet so many of you as you rolled up to the front of our trusty gymnasium to pick up a Chromebook!
    • Also due to extreme numbers we are separating some classes and putting additional teachers in courses.  If you have a student in one of the following, know that we’ve got it…..but as everything in technology land, the “behind the scenes” syncing and swimming, (sorry, couldn’t resist), take time…..and then sometimes even when we expect courses and technology to easily sync….it doesn’t!!!! This was the case this weekend when Mrs. Estrada, bless her heart, worked all day to get sections set up and new courses lined up with teachers….and low and behold….the sync did not occur!!!!!
    • Courses that are delayed due to  adding additional teachers are below! There may be more as we add the new enrollments! Plan to see them by week’s end!
      • Middle School Geometry - coming soon….two in the works!  Middle school students you get your own this year!!!!
      • Pre-calculus – coming your way
      • Forensic Science – We are up to three teachers for this course!  Wait until you meet all three!!!
      • Psychology – added another this weekend!
      • Coding 1 -  Mr. Bernhardt is an experienced online teacher and picked up the class this weekend! Looking for another
    • Another Class 5 Rapid, was the decision made district wide that HOA would not be enrolling students from other building in Core Courses, plus the other schools would not be enrolling HOA students …except for Band, Choir and “Hub” classes available to students all across the district like Fire Science or Auto Tech. This decision was made at the end of August.  Sorry, we know some of you had requested AP or World Language courses in your neighborhood school….also sorry to those students from other buildings who had forecast to take PE 1, PE 2, Health, Economics and others with us.  In a normal year….yes….but this year is so very not normal!
    • For those of you missing a course/in the wrong course…send a message to your advisor/homeroom teacher who will forward them on to us!
    • A giant basalt boulder in our whitewater is that HOA does not have a counselor and has not had one since June when our fabulous Annie Hindman returned home to Washington.  We were in a hiring freeze this summer, but have posted and now reposted our 1.0 Counselor Position! Hoping to have one soon…..Kristina and myself especially are having a hard time keeping our heads above water…we are even wearing “water wings” to help!  Newly moved staff from other buildings have zoomed up the steep learning curve and are fielding phone calls and questions.  Special thanks to them for keeping us “afloat”.

    A big HUG to our families who have sent such kind, understanding messages.  You all are so appreciated!  We know this is so hard on everyone….2020 has been a rough one!


    Thank you,

    Linda Harrington - Principal

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