Inter-District Transfers / Transferencias entre distritos

  • HB2747 Standard Process

    Timeline for inter-district transfer process

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  • State law, commonly known as HB2747, establishes rules and procedures for implementing transfers between school districts (inter-district transfers). These transfers permit students to enroll in a school that is not in their district of residence. Note that these are not the same as transfers between schools within the district of residence (in-district transfers).

    Students wishing to transfer into or out of the Hillsboro School District must complete transfer requests at BOTH resident and non-resident school district offices.

    Terms of acceptance
    The accepting district shall determine the length of HB2747 transfers. Other terms will be written in the acceptance letter and contract and applied in a consistent, non-discriminatory way to all similarly-situated students.

    Applications outside the standard window will be considered for emergencies and hardships only, subject to available space and evaluation of the letter of explanation.

    Students should plan to attend school in their home district until their transfer is approved.


    OSAA eligibility rules apply for high school transfers. Please read the full text of the OSAA Position Statement or contact OSAA at 503.682.6722 for more information.


    Open Spots for HB2747 Inter-District Transfers 2022-23

    Cupos disponibles para las transferencias entre distritos para el 2022-23


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April 1 - May 13, 2022 (HSD Residents)


    April 1 - May 13, 2022 (HSD Residents): HB2747 Standard Process for Grades K-12 

    Notifications for applications received during the window will be mailed by May 27, 2022.

    By May 13, 2022 students residing in Hillsboro School District wishing to attend another district may submit their application for release. This type of transfer also requires a separate application to and acceptance from the receiving/non-resident district. Please check with the receiving district for their application procedures and deadlines.

    If there are more applications for release from HSD than the allotted number, an equitable lottery will be conducted.

    Note that the transfer is not effective until BOTH the Hillsboro School District and non-resident district have approved.

April 1 - May 13, 2022 (Non-HSD Residents)

  • April 1 - May 13, 2022 (Non-HSD Residents): HB2747 Standard Process for Grades K-12

    Notifications for applications received during the window will be mailed by May 27, 2022.

    Non-residents may request to enroll in a school in the Hillsboro School District. This type of transfer requires a separate application and permission (release) from the home district. Please check with your home district for their application timelines and process.

    By May 13, 2022, students must request release from their home district and submit an application to the Hillsboro School District. Requests can only be accepted for HSD schools and grades that have identified open slots (cupos disponibles). Requests for schools/grades that do not have openings will be automatically denied.

    If there are more applications than available slots, the District will conduct a lottery to fill the slots. The prioritization and lottery process (as needed) will take place after May 15, 2021.

    View the transfer timeline document, pages 2-3 for more information.

    Note that the transfer is not effective until BOTH the home district and Hillsboro School District have approved.

After May 13, 2022

  • After May 13, 2022- consideration of inter-district transfer requests will be limited only to applications related to recent/impending family relocations and extreme hardships as defined by ORS 582.021.0019:

    ODE Definitions. As used in this rule:

    1. “ADM" means the average daily membership as defined in ORS 327.006.
    2. "Emergency to protect the health, safety or welfare of the student" includes but is not limited to sexual assault, threats against a student's life, or threats of imminent harm.
    3. "Hardship" means any of the following:
      1. The student is impacted by a parent or guardian's military deployment;
      2. The student is experiencing instability related to homelessness or foster care placement;
      3. The student has a documented medical condition that necessitates transfer;
      4. Death of a student's parent;
      5. The student does not have access to safe and affordable childcare in the resident district; or
      6. The student is involved in a documented case of severe harassment, intimidation, bullying or cyberbullying.

    It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to follow through on the approved transfer request in a timely manner, and meet the deadlines for confirming acceptance and enrolling their student at the requested school. 

Inter-District Transfer Forms

Inter-District Questions

  • Please visit the other district's website or contact their administrative office for more information about their transfer timelines and procedures. Each district determines its own openings and timelines, and whether non-residents are eligible to apply for specific academic programs or schools. Differing timelines will be accommodated as feasible. Western Washington County districts are listed below:

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