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Student Achievement

Preparing students to achieve is at the core of everything we do in Hillsboro School District.  Our goal is to ensure we have highly trained staff, robust academic offerings, and a breadth of support and extra-curricular offerings that engage students in their learning and motivate them to both fulfill their potential and position them for success in college and/or career after graduating.

We have a variety of materials and reports that describe what students will be taught and what is expected of them in different grades, how parents can assist and support their child throughout their K-12 experience, and how students are achieving year-over-year.

The links to the left will take you to these resources. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Office for School Performance at 503-844-1500.


Key Academic Achievement Indicators

The District uses Key Academic Achievement Indicators to measure students’ progress and to determine how well students are prepared for college and careers upon graduation. Each Indicator represents a snapshot of student achievement. Using the information presented by these snapshots, as well as data from state testing and other sources, we create a more meaningful evaluation of how well we serve our students and reach our local and state objectives.


Key Academic Achievement Indicators Brochure


Indicadores Clave del Rendimiento Académico

El Distrito utiliza indicadores clave del rendimiento académico para medir el progreso de los estudiantes y para determinar cuán bien están preparados para la profesión y la universidad al momento de graduarse. Cada indicador representa un panorama instantáneo del rendimiento estudiantil. Utilizando la información representada por este panorama, compuesta de datos recopilados de varias fuentes, creamos una evaluación más significativa sobre cuán bien estamos brindando servicios a los estudiantes y alcanzando nuestros objetivos locales y estatales.


Key Academic Achievement Indicators Brochure