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Hillsboro Schools Foundation

Hillsboro Schools Foundation

The Hillsboro Schools Foundation was established in 2001 by a small group of volunteers who were passionate about supporting innovative educational programs that fell outside of normal school funding. 

The organization is stronger than ever today, and has expanded their scope to include not only innovative education grants for individual educators and schools, but also broad-scale projects like providing STEM kits to every elementary school and renovating all middle school shop classes to become STEM labs. 

Your support is what makes their efforts possible! Please consider participating in one of their many fundraiser events, joining the Alumni Network, or simply making a donation in support of HSD students. 

See what HSF has funded at each of our schools here

HSD staff members interested in donating to HSF via payroll deduction can do so by filling out the Payroll Pledge Form, which can be used for a one-time or ongoing monthly contribution. 

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