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WCCLS Student Library Card


WCCLS Student Library Card

What is a Student Library Card (SLC)?

Our Student Library Card (SLC) program launched April 12, 2021! This joint partnership of the Hillsboro Public Library, Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS), and the Hillsboro School District  connects students to their public library by providing access to all HSD students who did not already have a library card in Washington County. 

Who will receive a Student Library Card?

All students K-12 will receive an SLC unless: 1) They already have a library account with WCCLS  2) They were opted out of the sharing of directory information in their enrollment paperwork by their parent/guardian.

Does it cost money?

These library accounts are free and enable students to check out up to five books or audiobooks at the library along with up to 15 e-books or audiobooks on with no overdue fines. The only fees which will be charged are for lost or damaged items. 

How do students log in for the first time?

Students 12 and under will be asked to change their username from a preselected list of colors and animals. It will then create a username like: red_dog_7365. Students 13 and over will be allowed to create their own username. Note: the username will be public if students choose to write book reviews or create book lists in their account. Watch this video to see a demonstration of how to log in for the first time.  

Do the Student Library Cards expire?

The Student Library Cards expire every January, but students who are still enrolled will be renewed. At any time, a student who wishes to expand their checkout options can upgrade to a general library card by visiting any WCCLS library.  

What do students get with their Student Library Card?

Washington County libraries are committed to supporting education and promoting a love of reading for all children and teens in our community. Please visit your local library or to learn about more resources that you and your child can access, including a variety of homework help databases. We hope this new library access will be a valuable tool for students. 

How are you keeping student data private?

WCCLS takes steps to protect student privacy and confidentiality. WCCLS does not share names or personal information with other government agencies. Public libraries do not check immigration status or have access to parent contact information as part of this project. Students’ public library reading records are protected under Oregon law.

Do you have a flyer with more information?

Hillsboro Public Library Flyer

Cornelius Public Library Flyer

Visit our student page for even more information.


Student Library Card Contacts

Linda Osuna
Library Manager
Hillsboro Public Library

Vanessa Ceccarelli
District Teacher-Librarian
Hillsboro School District