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Elementary and Secondary

The Elementary and Secondary Education department is directly responsible for the oversight of our schools. Executive Director Lindsay Garcia oversees middle and some elementary schools, and Executive Director Berta Lule oversees the balance of elementary schools. David Nieslanik, Executive Director of High Schools, oversees high schools as well as alternative and options programs.  All employ a rigorous accountability system for schools and principals that focuses on the five dimensions of teaching and learning: Purpose, Student Engagement, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Assessment for Student Learning, and Classroom Environment and Culture; development and adherence to a School Improvement Plan; and specific attention on equitable outcomes for historically underserved students.

Executive Director Lindsay Garcia

Executive Director Lindsay Garcia began her educational career by spending a year as a volunteer English teacher in Mexico City, Mexico. In 2002, she was hired at Minter Bridge as an ESL teacher, and spent five years in that role before taking on a kindergarten dual language classroom. In the 2012-13 school year, Garcia taught 3rd grade then spent her summer both as a lead teacher for the Dual Language Summer Academy and as a bilingual coach for Migrant Summer School. 

Berta Lule

A product of Hillsboro schools herself, Lule began her educational journey as a bilingual elementary teacher in Hillsboro’s Summer Migrant Program in 1993. After receiving her Master’s degree from the University of New Mexico in 1995, she spent a year and a half teaching dual language at Dolores Gonzales Elementary School in Albuquerque, before returning to Hillsboro and joining W.L. Henry Elementary School as a 2nd grade teacher.  After sixteen years teaching regular and dual language education at W.L. Henry, Lule became a bilingual instructional coach for both W.L. Henry and Reedville Elementary Schools. In 2013, she fulfilled that role at Mooberry Elementary School.  Lule’s first administrative position came as an assistant principal at Lincoln Street Elementary School in 2015. She remained there until 2019, when she was named principal of Reedville Elementary School.  Throughout her twenty-seven-year career, Lule has exhibited strong instructional knowledge, leadership skills, and a commitment to inclusionary practices. In her most recent position, Lule has created systems and structures for students, families, and staff that are data-driven, positive, reflective, and encourage communication and relationship building. 

David Nieslanik has a depth of teaching and leadership experience that began with more than two years in the Peace Corps in Nepal; encompasses teaching Humanities, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Leadership at the middle and high school levels in Colorado, Texas, Iowa, and Oregon; and includes spending the past twelve years as a secondary administrator in the Beaverton School District. He served as the assistant principal of Highland Park Middle School from January 2011 through December 2013, then was the school’s principal from January 2014 through June 2016. Welcome David!

Lindsay, Berta and David are passionate, student-focused educational leaders who are focused on establishing and supporting continuous learning for improvement.

Lindsay Garcia 
Executive Director of Schools
(elementary and middle schools - see list)

Berta Lule
Executive Director of Schools
(elementary schools - see list)

David Nieslanik
Executive Director of High Schools
(high schools - see list)

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