• A child's learning process begins the moment they are born, with parents and caregivers being their most important teachers. Hillsboro School District is committed to promoting early learning through outreach to parents of young children and by providing preschool programs to prepare students for entry into kindergarten.

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    May 21, 2018 - Superintendent Scott visits Reedville Elementary School and Poynter Middle School to learn more about the importance of early learning and the preschool programs currently under way and opening this fall in HSD. Parents of preschool-aged children in the Eastwood, Free Orchards, W.L. Henry, Minter Bridge, Reedville, and Witch Hazel attendance areas are invited to fill out a Preschool Promise Application Form (English | Spanish) if they are interested in having their child participate in preschool next school year; parents living in the attendance areas of other schools offering preschool programs should contact the school directly for sign-up information


  • Olga Acuña
    Director of Federal Programs

    Kirstin Gerber
    Early Learning TOSA

    Kelly Purdy
    Associate Coordinator of Early Learning/Career/College

    Cristina Servin
    Early Learning Family Resource Manager


    • Eastwood Elementary
    • Free Orchards Elementary
    • Minter Bridge Elementary
    • Mooberry Elementary

    Luciana Ribeiro
    Early Learning Family Resource Manager


    • Lincoln Street Elementary
    • McKinney Elementary
    • Witch Hazel Elementary

    Dorotea Lopez
    Early Learning Family Resource Manager


    • Reedville Elementary
    • W. L. Henry Elementary