HSD Bond 2017-2022 Overview

  • On Tuesday, November 7, 2017, Hillsboro School District voters overwhelmingly supported the passage of the District's $408 million capital construction bond. The bond will allow for the completion of needed projects at all schools across the District over the course of five years (2017-2022).

    The four main categories of work are:

    • Improve safety and security;
    • Build for the future;
    • Enhance existing infrastructure; and
    • Provide a modern educational experience for all students (includes technology, flexible classroom furniture, and career-related learning program expansion).

    The links to the left will take you to a list of key projects, overall project timeline, and individual pages detailing the work taking place at each school and District facility.

    If you have questions about the bond, project schedule, subcontractor/bidding opportunities, or about the content of this website, please contact Adam Stewart, Casey Waletich, or Beth Graser, as appropriate.


Bond Contacts