• Bond construction timeline - Indian Hills


Scope of Work

  • Please note that project costs and schedules may fluctuate due to cost of materials and labor, conditions at the site, unforeseen and/or revised scope, and other factors. Projected budget for all projects: $4.3 million.

    Summer 2020

    • Renovations, Modular, Playground

    The existing building will be renovated to install seismic improvements and add air conditioning, while the existing portables will be replaced with a new, permanent modular building that includes three classrooms. Additionally, the school will receive a new, ADA-accessible playground.

    Completed Project

    • Flexible Furniture

    New flexible furniture (FFE) will be delivered to the school classrooms in summer 2019. Research has shown that this type of furniture helps stimulate student engagement and learning.

  • Project Manager

    Cornerstone Management Group

    • Renovations: Luke Harkness


    • Mahlum Architects


    • Inline Construction