• Bond construction timeline - Mooberry


Scope of Work

  • Please note that project costs and schedules may fluctuate due to cost of materials and labor, conditions at the site, unforeseen and/or revised scope, and other factors.

    Summer 2019

    • Improvements

    HVAC, safety and security upgrades will be implemented at Mooberry, and air conditioning will be added to the HVAC system. Roofing will be upgraded and domestic water pipe will be replaced.

    • New Modular Building

    The existing portables will be replaced with a new modular building comprising five classrooms and restroom. The building will be constructed offsite, then delivered and assembled on the Mooberry campus.

    • New Gym and Playground

    A new gymnasium will be built on the campus, enabling dedicated use for PE and activities, separate from the cafeteria. The gym will be constructed to "immediate occupancy" seismic standards, providing an emergency shelter resource to the community in case of a major earthquake. Students will love their new playground, similar to what was installed in summer 2018 at several other elementary schools.

    Completed Project

    • Floor Polishing

    Not originally part of the bond project list, aging floor tiles in the current gym prompted the addition of this project. The tiles were removed and the underlying concrete was polished in summer 2018. The result is a "new" - and lower-maintenance - floor.

  • Goal / Project

    Estimated Cost

    security camera Prioritize Safety and Security

    School safety upgrades

    • Interior door locks
    • Strobes, visual warning inside and outside
    • Security cameras
    • Improve line of sight from office to front door
    • Card key access - exterior doors
    • Alert button at front desk
    • Glass film at main door and other windows
    • Upgrade in-building radio communications


    Playground upgrades


    building under construction Renovate and Repair Aging Schools

    Current Infrastructure Improvements

    • Roofing
    • Add air conditioning
    • Water pipe replacement


    • 102,924
    • 975,163
    • 497,370

    Building renovation/enhancement

    • Sand and polish floors (added June 2018)
    • Replace portable building(s) with permanent structure(s)
    • Construct new gymnasium - eliminate cafegymitoriums
    • Other building/site improvements


    • 28,040
    • 295,313
    • 2,550,000
    • 1,332,341

    computer monitor; technology  Provide a Modern Education for Every Student

    Educational Technology (classroom)

    • CRT monitor replacement
    • Classroom projectors
    • Voice amplification
    • Wireless access points
    • Whiteboards
    • Document cameras
    • Student computers
    • Licensed staff computers
    • Classified staff computers
    • Elementary gymnasium audio/visual system



    Student Achievement

    • Flexible classroom furniture


    • 232,311

    Total Investment


  • Project Manager

    Cornerstone Management Group

    • Floor polishing: Rick Cunningham
    • FFE: Karyn Rainone
    • Renovations, playground: Becca VandeWalle


    • Renovations: Mahlum Architects


    • Roofing: Tremco 
    • FFE
      • McDowell-Craig (desks)
      • School Specialty (seating)
    • Renovations, gym, portable classroom replacement: InLine Construction