• timeline for Rosedale

Scope of Work

  • Please note that project costs and schedules may fluctuate due to cost of materials and labor, conditions at the site, unforeseen and/or revised scope, and other factors. Total costs: $0.9 million.


    • Perimeter Fencing

    Added to complete security work on the campus, fencing was installed in late 2022 between the playfield and the parking lot. This will prevent children from running off from the field as well as limiting entry onto the campus (steering visitors to the front office) during school hours.

    • Entry Vestibule

    The entry vestibule was renovated in summer 2022 to provide enhanced security and better monitoring of access into the building.

    • Flexible Furniture

    Flexible furniture (FFE) was delivered to Rosedale classrooms in summer 2019. Research shows this type of furniture enhances the learning environment and increases student engagement.

    • DAS

    A distributed antenna system (DAS) ensures that first responders can communicate between themselves throughout all areas of the building. This safety-related project incorporates cable and antennae that boost the radio signals on the first responders' operating frequencies. This project was installed in spring 2019.


  • Project Manager

    Cornerstone Management Group

    • Entry vestibule, fencing: John Abel / Luke Harkness
    • FFE: Karyn Rainone


    • Entry vestibule: Process PDX


    • Fencing: Able Fencing
    • Entry vestibule: Inline Construction
    • FFE
      • McDowell-Craig (desks)
      • School Specialty (seating)