• Bond construction timeline - Poynter


Scope of Work

  • Please note that the preliminary site plan/design, project costs, and schedules may fluctuate due to cost of materials and labor, unforeseen and/or revised scope, conditions at the site, and other factors. Projected budget: $18.9 million

    Enhanced Security - 2020

    Poynter's existing security systems will be upgraded and enhanced with several additional measures, including:

    • Entry security
    • Card key access
    • Security cameras
    • Strobes
    • Visual warning inside and outside the building

    This work is expected to be completed in March 2020.


    • Improvements

    In four phases, from March to December 2019, Poynter received seismic, electrical service, roofing, and HVAC upgrades, including added air conditioning. Domestic water piping was replaced. Instruction continued throughout construction by housing classrooms in temporary portables as construction cycled in the building during each phase.

    • New Furniture

    In summer 2018, new furniture (FFE) was delivered to Poynter classrooms. This furniture is known to enhance the learning environment and increase student engagement.

  • Project Manager

    Cornerstone Management Group

    • Renovations: Mathieu Jacobs


    • Renovations: Soderstrom Architects


    • Renovations: P&C Construction