Scope of Work

  • The purpose of our technology investments is to ensure that all of our buildings, regardless of age, have uniform application of technology in classrooms, and a strong infrastructure to support the growing technology needs Districtwide. The components of our investments are listed below. View the project timeline for the anticipated schedule of implementation.

    Classroom Technology Investments:

    • Cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor replacement
    • Mounted wireless HDMI projectors
    • Projection whiteboards/screens
    • Document cameras
    • AirTame (or similar device)
    • Voice amplification systems
    • Wireless access points
    • Student computers

    Technology Infrastructure Investments:

    • Districtwide internal dark fiber ring (in partnership with City of Hillsboro; see more information below)
    • Replacement of voice over IP phone system
    • Replacement of existing switching infrastructure
    • Replacement of uninterruptible power supply devices
    • Upgrade/refresh wireless access points at secondary schools
    • Server infrastructure refresh
    • Elementary gym audio/visual system installation
    • Security and routing architecture upgrades
    • Upgrade storage infrastructure
    • Replacement of licensed staff computers
    • Classified staff computers
    • Replacement of internal frame-to-frame fiber connections
    • Fence-to-fence wireless (campus-wide coverage)

    Fiber Network Partnership with City of Hillsboro

    The District is designing and constructing an internal, redundant-path dark fiber ring connecting all District buildings to allow for exchange of digital information, delivery of digital curriculum, digital telephone service, and internet connectivity. The dark fiber ring will allow the District to discontinue our current subscription for internet service. We anticipate that, by eliminating those expenses, this project will provide a five- to seven-year payback on our investment.

    Additionally, this project is being completed in conjunction and partnership with the City of Hillsboro and their Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) project. By working together, we are extending the efforts of both agencies beyond what each could do alone, saving time and money in the construction of this very large build-out.

    The planning and design of the fiber project began in the fall of 2017. Implementation and build-out is expected to begin after formal signing of the intergovernmental agreement with the City (construction expected to begin in March 2019).

    Read the article announcing the District's and City's partnership.

  • Project Manager

    Hillsboro School District

    • Jordan Beveridge, Chief Technology Officer



Last Modified on June 17, 2020