• You may have heard your student talking about zones of regulation, wellness center, and calm corners. All of these items are part of our culture of care approach here at Eastwood.


    Zones of Regulation

    Identify how you are feeling so you can figure out what you need to help you get back to the green zone where your brain is most ready to learn.


    Blue Zone - Sad, Tired

    Green Zone - Ready to Learn, Happy

    Yellow Zone - Worries, Nervous, Annoyed

    Red Zone - Angry, Mad, Yelling, Physical Aggression


    Wellness Center

    Students go here in the green zone to learn strategies about how to help calm themselves while in class before they get to the red zone. It is by appointment only and teachers request students who they feel would benefit most from it.


    Calm Corner

    Calm corners are in every classroom here at Eastwood. It is a place where students can go when they feel they are in the yellow or blue zone so they can calm down before they head into the red zone. It is also where they can be alone for a few minutes to try some calming tools and strategies before joining in with the rest of the class.