• Did you know that at-home support in your child's online education greatly increases their likelihood for success? The staff at HOA would like to support your role as parent/guardian so that you are able to support your online learner.


    Thursday, September 5 @ 6:30 - 8 PM we are hosting a Canvas Parent Support Night here at HOA - No matter what your level of experience as a parent/guardian of an online learner, you are welcome to attend! We welcome the at-home insight & wisdom that returning HOA families can provide as well as the many questions that a new HOA family may have!

    Topics we will cover include but are not limited to: 

    -What is the Canvas Observer Role & how do you get started with that?
    -How to check their student's progress (grades and assignments to do)
    -How to schedule appts with teachers (for students and parents)
    -How to track upcoming work
    -Suggestions for use of time/organization of tasks
    -Ways to support your student during lessons/on assignments (tools they and their student can use)
    -How to contact teachers and when 
    -The different forms of communication HOA uses and how they are used
    -Grading periods and how they are different at HOA

    Hope to see you there! *Students are welcome to attend this event but it is not required.