• HSD and CoH fiber backbone map. Click for larger image.As part of the 2017 Capital Bond Project, the Hillsboro School District will be building a fiber optic network to connect all schools and facilities together. This network will provide the backbone for Internet access at all sites as well provide the infrastructure for security improvements, telephone services, and other essential commuications systems for the District. Click on the map to view or download the PDF file.

    The project will begin with design efforts in the spring of 2018 and begin construction the fall of 2018. Estimated completion of the construction and full implementation of the network is targeted for june 20, 2019.

    As part of this project the Hillsboro School District is partnering with the City of Hillsboro and their Fiber to the Premise project in order to cooperatively share the burdon of such large construction projects. 

    We will be keeping staff and the public updated of the scheduled work in the Timeline and the Look Ahead sections here to the left. The Timeline section will detail the larger scope and timing of the project, while the Look Ahead will show where work is happening for the week.


Fiber Project Contacts

  • Project Managers


    Don Wolff
    Chief Information Officer