SAT and ACT Testing

  • Students wishing to register for SAT or ACT testing should visit the appropriate website listed below. Please note that while Glencoe High School is a site for SAT and ACT testing, we do not have information about registration or test scores, nor can we support students in applying for accommodations unless they are a Glencoe student. Students should work with their home school to complete these tasks.

    COVID protocols. For students coming to test while health and safety protocols are in place due to COVID-19, the following guidelines must be followed. Students not following these guidelines may be refused entry to the testing site on test day.

    • Liability Waiver - All students taking the SAT/ACT at Glencoe High School are required to print and bring the completed waiver to the exam on test day. Students must have this waiver, along with all other documentation required by CollegeBoard in order to be admitted to the exam on test day.
    • Health & Safety protocol - All students taking the SAT/ACT at Glencoe High School must also read and adhere to the Health and Safety Protocol, including quarantine recommendations prior to the exam.