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    Posted by Ciara Hartzell on 11/20/2020
    Hey Berta,
    I just wanted you and your staff to know of a great Reedville compliment that came my way. I live in Beaverton and on one of our nightly walks we made our way down to the community garden. We got talking with a stranger who me told me his work at Reedville church. We were talking and he asked, “Do you know why the Reedville students are smarter than all the other kids?” 
    I answered, “They are bilingual?” 
    He said, “Well I’m bilingual, and they are way better than I was as a kid.”
    So I asked why. 
    He went on to tell me that the students are a reflection of their teachers. The teachers at Reedville are selfless and care more than any other building. He pressed that no teacher should be made to leave that place. It’s perfect the way it is. 
    I was really touched by his love for your school. Your staff not only touches the lives of the families you serve, but the greater community. Thank you for all you do!
    -A community member
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