Fox Farm

  • A volunteer-run gardening program, weekly lessons focus on getting students interested and active in food production. Students are encouraged to harvest and taste the ‘fruit’ of their labors; from growing mushrooms and sprouts to making salsa and salads.

    Themes guide the lessons; Native American Heritage Month or Earth Month, focus is placed on seasonal and native garden knowledge. Garden planters focus on varying learning styles, from a hands-on planter to encourage digging, to a sensory garden to help students who are in need of alternative approaches to gardens.

    Collaborations between HSD schools creates greater engagement for students, and a year-end Garden Party allows students to showcase and celebrate their work.

This Months' Lesson

  • Black History Month

    With the weather still uncertain, students are spending most of February in the classroom. We will focus on the history of Black farmers and gardeners and their contribution to horticulture.

    We'll study the likes of historical greats such as George Washington Carver and Marie Clark Taylor, as well as acknowledge the efforts of modern trailblazers such as Ron Finley.

    Students will also begin our first round of seeds for the garden with a kit from OSU's Food Hero program; Cultural Celebrations. They'll focus on the cultural significance of greens and sow the first plants for this year's gardens.


  • Sarah Newton
    Fox Farm