•        BELIEF (We believe all students...):

    • Want to feel CONNECTED, CARED for, and SUCCESSFUL
    • Are CAPABLE of and want to reach their POTENTIAL
    • Can THRIVE given ACCESS - regardless of behavior and/or background

VISION (We will...):

    • VISION (We will...):
    • Create strong SYSTEMS that address the needs of the WHOLE CHILD via WRAPAROUND support
    • Use DATA to be CULTURALLY RESPONSIVE in our practices
    • Encourage ACCOUNTABILITY among all stakeholders

MISSION (Our role...):

    • MISSION (Our role...):
    • We LISTEN to student and family VOICE and get to know our FAMILIES
    • We work to reduce BARRIERS and enable access to RESOURCES
    • We EMPOWER and facilitate GROWTH through skill-building and self-advocacy


Aimi Wallberg
Counselor - 10th/12th L-Z
503.844.1980 Ext. 3745

Marla Lyle
Counselor - 10th/12th A-K

503.844.1980 Ext. 3739

Jen Bailey
Counselor - 9th/11th L-Z

503.844.1980 Ext. 3741
Department Coordinator

Lorrie McKedy
Counselor - 9th/11th A-K
503.844.1980 Ext. 3744

Stephen Moreno
12th Grade Grad. Coach
503.844.1980 Ext. 3811

Angie Jimenez Morales
11th Grade Grad. Coach
503.844.1980 Ext. 3740
Hablo Español

Jose Campuzano Real
10th Grade Grad. Coach
503.844.1980 Ext. 3736
Hablo Español

Kori Sakamoto
9th Grade Grad. Coach
503.844.1980 Ext. 3743

Melissa Pendergrass
School to Career Specialist
503.844.1980 Ext. 3784

Gladys Guzman
School to Career Secretary
503.844.1980 Ext. 3783
Transcript Requests
Job Shadow and Career Days
Hablo Español

Alma Leon
Counseling Secretary
503.844.1980 Ext. 3788
Hablo Español
New student enrollments
Counselor appointments/
Counselor support

Miguel Cholula
ELL Student/Family Liaison
ELL Case Manager
OAKS Testing Coordinator
503.844.1980 Ext. 3737
Hablo Español

Jacqueline Herrera
Support and Wellness Counselor
503.844.1980 Ext. 3742
Hablo Español

  • Students are encouraged to see our counseling staff:
    - before school or after school
    - at either lunch (lunchtime counselor is on duty daily)
    - by scheduling an appointment via our counseling secretary

    Parents may call Alma Leon at (503) 844-1988 or email leonguza@hsd.k12.or.us to make a counseling appointment.