Clubs at Hilhi

  • Club Advisor(s)

    Art Club

    Collaborates on art projects and art activities

    Omar Arguelles


    Movimiento Estudiantial Chicano de Aztlan, a student group that strives for higher education, cultural values and to strengthen identity and gain consciousness of issues faced in the community.

    Moises Curiel
    Ellie Roberson

    Equestrian Team

    Students compete on horseback in various individual and team events. Students can earn a varsity letter. You do not have to own a horse to be on the team!

    Corinne Morris

    Pete Muilenburg

    National Honor Society

    An organization for high-achieving students with a passion for service! Must have a 3.5 GPA or above to apply.

    Melissa Shell

    Key Club

    A community service-oriented club designed to create leaders for the future. A family of involved teens that help to better the world through service to the community.

    Anya Hershberger

    Senior Senate

    Open to all seniors who want to help make decisions for the senior class. This includes helping to plan Homecoming, Prom and senior class events.

    Julio Galian

    Junior Senate

    Open to all juniors who want to help make decisions for the junior class. This includes helping to plan Holiday Week and choosing a prom site.

    Tiffany Riendeau

    Sophomore Senate

    Open to all sophomores who want to help make decisions for the sophomore class. This includes helping to plan Valentine’s Week and fundraising.

    Sara Harsin
    Stacey Glaze

    Freshman Senate

    Open to all freshmen who want to help make decisions for the freshman class. This includes helping with and learning to plan for future all-school events.

    Brian Pendergrass

    Unity Team

    A group of students passionate about building Unity and appreciation at Hilhi.


    Latin Dancers

    A group of students interested in learning about and performing dances from Latino cultures.

    Asian Club

    An inviting place where you can learn about Japanese culture, anime, meet new people, and have fun!

    James Neville

    Hilhi Breakers

    A club for students interested in break dancing and performing.

    Omar Orguelles

    Choir Council

    Choir is both an activity and a class.  It counts towards an arts credit, and is a great way to meet people and have fun. Learn to sing, read music, go on trips and sing for service.

    Paula Reeve

    Word Slammers

    Students who enjoy writing in all forms and like to share their work. This club primarily meets in the spring for Poetry Slam.

    Brian Huffman

    Robotics and Invention Club

    Open to all students, this group competes in the FIRST, FLL and FTC competitions. They also do invention and design projects via MIT-InvenTeam, Design for the Other 90%, and Science Fair

    Melissa Shell
    Devin Hunter
    Sara Wilson

    Multicultural Soccer

    A club sport that is open to all students interested in playing soccer. Hilhi has a boys team and a girls team that play against other high schools in the spring.

    Miguel Cholula

    French Club

    A club for students interested in French culture and language. NOT a travel club.

    Sarah Cole

    Auto Club

    A club for students interested in automotive technology.

    Glen Campbell

    Strategy Game Club

    A club for students interested in games of strategy.

    Scott Satterlee

    Link Crew

    A leadership program that helps freshmen students get involved in school activities and events. Link Crew ‘bridges the gap’ in the transition between middle school and high school. Juniors and seniors, by application only.

    Brian Pendergrass

    Drama Club

    A group of students passionate about drama who discuss and help plan events within the theater program at Hilhi.

    John Monteverde


    An extracurricular for students interested in agriculture related activities.

    Kori Dundas

    Film Club

    For students wanting to study and explore film, including producing student films on campus.

    Andrea Brock

    GSA: Gay Straight Alliance

    For students dedicated to promoting education, equity and fair treatment for ALL Hilhi students, focusing specifically on issues facing LGBT students.

    Heidi Lohman
    Sarah Cole


    For students on yearbook staff or interested in helping with yearbook.

    Andrea Brock

    Geek Club

    For students who love all things geeky! If you love "Star Wars," comics, superheroes, cult classics and more, then this club is for you!

    Selena Blind

    Rock Climbing Club

    For students who love to rock climb, or would like to learn how to rock climb. Some fees apply.

    Glen Campbell

    Model United Nations

    A group of students dedicated to representing Hilhi at the Model United Nations Convention in the Spring. Some fees apply.

    Ben Goodwin

    Adelante Chicas

    A group for Latinas to build leadership skills and college readiness.

    Karla Hernandez
    Miguel Cholula

    Una Voz

    A Mariachi Band for any students in the Hillsboro School District. No experience necessary, instruments provided.

    Daniel Bosshardt
    Lincoln Street Elemantry

    Chess Club

    Learn to play and compete in the challenging game of chess!

    Larry Dickinson

    4-H Tech Wizards

    A club for students interested in technology.

    Miguel Cholula
    Sara Wilson

    Black & African-American Club

    A club for students interested in learning about African American culture, promoting diversity and college readiness.

    Barb Reich
    Hilhi Aviation Club Sarah Cole
    Paws & Claws Jennifer Keene
    The Divergent Wolves Brian Nauert
    Amnesty International Student Group Julio Galian

    Science Club

    For students wanting to participate in the regional Science Bowl, do fun science experiments, and kids who need help with science.

    Brian Nauert

    Bowling Club

    A team for kids who love bowling!


    Speech & Debate Club

    A club (and a class!) for students interested in competitive speech and debate.

    Robin Brown


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