What is an SLC?

  • A smaller learning community comprises an interdisciplinary team of teachers that shares a few hundred or fewer students in common for instruction, assumes responsibility for their educational progress across years of school, and exercises maximum flexibility to act on knowledge of students’ needs. Through collaboration on program designs and troubleshooting students’ progress over multiple years of study teachers are able to form meaningful relationships with students as well as facilitate a more authentic, active form of student learning. Furthermore, with a large block of time, the interdisciplinary team can organize fieldwork, involve community partners, and allow students to go where their questions lead them.

What do SLCs look like at Hilhi?

  • The composition of SLCs are tailored to meet these domains:
    • Approximately 100-125 students
    • One teacher from each of the core areas; math, science, language arts, and social studies
    • One counselor, administrator, special education case manager and ELL staff member. 

    The four SLCs are created within each freshman class. These SLC teams loop through the sophomore year.


  • For more information about SLCs at Hilhi, contact:

    Janette Grassman