Adelante Chicas

  • Hilhi Chicas Digital Connectors

    Hilhi Chicas Comcast Digital Connectors is a digital literacy program that helps young adults from diverse low-income backgrounds use technology to change themselves, their communities, and their world. Chicas students commit to the seven-month training program that meets every Wednesday after school.

    In addition to the training, the Chicas students also commit to 56 hours of community service, with many students exceeding that minimum. The Chicas students are offering free drop-in computer assistance at the local public library. They assist the public with everything from word processing to Facebook to digital photo editing. The students are also leading educational presentations on topics such as cyberbullying and internet safety at local schools and churches.


    The students that are participating in the program are receiving a well comprehensive training that not only focuses on technology, but it is also developing their ability to work in teams, and public speaking, critical thinking, leadership skills and will also cover focuses on financial literacy and career options. Also, the youth participating in this program are developing job readiness skills; one of the training programs the girls would receive is a free IT Essentials Course through Cisco. In addition to this training, should the students want to pay a test fee, it also would make them eligible to get their CompTIA A+ Certification, opening opportunities for entry-level IT jobs.