• Attendance is crucial for student success at all of our Hillsboro schools, including Hillsboro Online.  Our students are expected to be in attendance and participating in their classes daily.  They are also required to check in with each of their teachers no less than twice a week. 

    “Check-ins” with licensed instructional staff are two-way communications between the student and the teacher.  The purpose of the rule regarding checking in with the teacher of record is to assure that the teacher can evaluate whether the student is making adequate progress in the course and the student has additional guaranteed opportunities to engage with a teacher.  Students who are taking online courses may not be counted for attendance based on the student’s login history.  There must be teacher/student contact in order to count the student as present.

    If a student is ill or absent, parents are requested to call or email school and report the absence to Kristina Estrada at 503-844-1050.  Calls may be placed 24 hours a day as we regularly check phone and email messages.