• Welcome to Liberty!

    To begin the enrollment process, please call the counseling secretary at 503.844.1260 to schedule an enrollment appointment.

    The day before your enrollment appointment, you’ll need to bring the following documents to prepare your student for success at Liberty :

    1. Proof of Residence

    • One of the following (from the last 30 days): a utility bill, rent receipt, rental or purchase agreement for your home, mortgage statement, etc.

    2. Proof of Birth Date

    • One of the following: birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, state ID card, or driver’s permit

    3. Immunization Records - Certificate of Immunization Status Form

    4. Unofficial transcript

    • This helps us determine which classes your student has taken, what credits remain unfulfilled, and what classes they should be taking this year at Liberty

    5. Completed Enrollment Forms (including all necessary signatures; forms are available online or in the counseling center)

    6. Withdrawal form from previous school

    During the enrollment appointment your counselor will help with the transition to Liberty, talk about your class selections/forecasting and goals for high school. The counselor you have will depend on your grade; visit our Counseling and Career Center page to see who your counselor will be.

    We look forward to meeting you!