Principal OJ Gulley

  • O.J. Gulley

    Mr. Gulley begins his fourth year as the principal of Evergreen and his tenth year as a part of the Hillsboro School District. Prior to joining the Hillsboro community, he spent five years in the Reynolds School District. After being at the high school level for many years, Evergreen has provided him with the exciting opportunity to work with students at an earlier stage of their education. He continues to look forward to collaborating with teachers and families in order to make the student transition from middle to high school a successful one as well as from elementary to middle school.  

    Educational Background

    • Linfield College - 2004; Bachelor of Arts in History & Secondary Education
    • Concordia University – 2008; Masters of Arts in Education & Administration
    • Concordia College – 2010; Administrative Licensure

    Educational Career

    • 10 years as a classroom teacher at Reynolds and Liberty High Schools
    • 2 years as Dean of Students at Liberty High School
    • 2 years as Assistant Principal at Liberty High School
    • 3 years as Head Basketball Coach at Liberty High School
    • 7 years as an assistant coach in basketball and football

Assistant Principal Matt Nova

  • Asst Principal Celia Murray

    Matt has worked for the District since 2005 when he was a special education teacher in self-contained classrooms at Imlay and Lenox Elementary Schools. In 2007, Matt moved to Evergreen and served as the Life Skills coordinator for seven years. In the 2014-15 school year, Matt moved to the District Office and was a support specialist in the Student Services department, working with school-level teams to increase inclusion opportunities and access to the general curriculum for special needs students. He has been a coordinator in the department for the past four years. Matt looks forward to the opportunity to return to Evergreen and serve in a role where he will interact with and support all students, staff, and families. 

    Educational Background

    • Western Oregon University – 2003; Bachelor of Arts Early Childhood Elementary Education
    • Pacific University – 2005; Masters in Special Education
    • Concordia University – 2018; Administrative Licensure

    Educational Career

    • 2 years as an elementary special education at Imlay Elementary and Lenox Elementary
    • 7 years as a middle school special education teacher at Evergreen Middle School
    • 1 year as student services teacher on special assignment in Hillsboro School District
    • 4 years as student services coordinator in Hillsboro School District

Dean of Students Abigail Dudley

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    Mrs. Dudley is in her second year as Dean of Students at Evergreen but has been serving the Evergreen community since 2014 as a special education teacher and department coordinator. Prior to coming to Hillsboro, Mrs. Dudley worked as a language arts teacher and special education administrator in the Boston area. She is so pleased to be able to apply her prior educational and work experiences to her work with the Evergreen team. Mrs. Dudley feels that the best part of her job is in the close relationships she is able to form with the amazing EMS students.  

    Educational Background

    • Univeristy of Portland – 2018; Doctorate in Education & Administrative License
    • Framinginham State University – 2012; Masters in Special Education
    • University of Massachusetts, Boston – 2008; Masters in Seconday Education
    • University of Massachusetts, Amherst– 2004; Bachelor of Arts in English

    Educational Career

    • 4 years as Special Education Teacher and Department Head at Evergreen Middle School
    • 4 years as Director of Academic Support at Phoenix Charter Academy in Chelsea, MA 
    • 4 years as Language Arts teacher at Pelham Academy residential school in Lexington, MA