• GED ProgramGED

    Our GED Program is open to students in the Hillsboro School District between the ages of 17- 21. 

    Before enrolling in the program, applicants take GED pretests to determine their readiness for the official tests. While students work independently towards earning their GED, the GED instructor will provide GED pretesting, GED Counseling and preparation work. Additionally, HSD pays the fees for all students to take the GED tests. 

    What you should know about our GED Prep Program?

    • You need a current government issued identification card.
    • It requires personal commitment to learning and overcoming obstacles.
    • The GED prep program requires regular attendance and preparation via a computer-based program.
    • Multiple prep sessions are offered throughout the day for the four-timed test to earn a GED: Reading Language Arts, Math, Social Studies & Science.


    Useful links regarding the GED test in Oregon.

    Oregon Department of Education (GED page)

    Request a transcript from GED


    How to get started

    1. Rolling Enrollment
    2. HSD students can be referred by their high counselor or through our reengagment form(we are required to connect with your home high school)
    3. Take the Official GED Practice Test
    4. Attend a meet and greet