• LOCATION: Pathways Center at Oak Street Campus

    HSD's Diploma + students are those who did not earn their diploma during their senior year and have 8 credits or fewer to graduate. This program can also serve as a temporary placement for students to earn credit attainment while reengaging in school. 

    Key things to know:

    • Students who did not earn their diploma during their senior year, and who have 8.0 or fewer credits remaining to meet high school diploma requirements.
    • Experiencing homelessness and/or students who have been out of school for a long period of time and need an interim placement until the term starts.
    • Student and team work collaboratively to develop a student action plan tailored to students' academic, wellness, and post-secondary goals.
    • We partner with your neighborhood school.

    How to get started

    1. Rolling Enrollment
    2. HSD students can be referred by their high counselor or through our reengagment form(we are required to connect with your home high school)
    3. Attend a meet and greet