• Lynx   Lincoln Street Parent Community Group Lynx

    Welcome, The main purpose of the Lincoln Street Parent Community Group is to support the students, families, and teachers at Lincoln Street Elementary School (LSES).



    Leader Positions:


    • Angela G.-Facilitator
    • Zeferina R.- Facilitator
    • Nancy G. -Facilitator
    • Barbara S.-Treasurer
    • Nicole S.-Fundraising Coordinator
    • Maria G.- After School Coordinator
    • Alejandro P.-Communications
    • Jennifer O.-Box Tops
    • Joe S.-Communications Liaison Teachers
  • Current Minutes:


    1. Treasure Report- Book Fair Reports, Accounting software license, Office sign-in software.
    2.  Schedule next book fair
    3. Events for 2018/19 & 2019/20 School years
    4. Food for Parent Community Group meetings
    5. Tamale event reschedule
    6. Movie night reschedule
    7. Morning meeting low attendance
    8. Positions needing to be filled- Recorder & Communications Coordinator.
    9. Fundraising-Yard sale, 2019/20 goals, Box Top program.
    10. Parent Community Group web page and email accounts.
  • PCG


    Contact us at: lseparentcommunitygroup@gmail.com