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Rigor and Standards-Based Teaching and Learning

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) require students to read, write, speak, reason, analyze, problem-solve, and explain at a higher level. In looking at how we help students reach those standards, it is clear that our advanced curriculum most closely aligns to these higher standards. In order to teach to those standards, all of our Mathematics and Language Arts courses must look more like what some schools have designated as "advanced" or "accelerated" courses in the past. Our elementary and middle schools are already teaching to those standards, which means that more of our students are coming to high schools ready for this challenge. We believe that all of our students will benefit from participating in courses of a higher rigor, as long as we build in supports for those students who are struggling to reach this level. We also understand that some students will need to have opportunities for acceleration and/or to learn the material at greater depth. Our goal is to effectively differentiate and provide opportunities for those students to learn at their appropriate rate and level as well. For students who are consistently exceeding their grade level standards, we would encourage them to take AP/IB or dual credit coursework.

Please visit the Q&A pages -- these attempt to capture and provide responses to some of the most common questions we have been receiving from students, teachers, and parents over the past few weeks. Please review them and let us know if you have other questions by filling out the form to the left.