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Withdrawal of Student from School

Oregon law requires children to be enrolled in either a public school or private school, or registered as a homeschool student with their local Education Service District.

There are several reasons why families might need or want to withdraw their student(s) from an HSD school. In most cases, the best place to start is by contacting your child's school. Below are some common scenarios and instructions for each.

  • Move out of District/State
    • Please notify your child’s school of your new address and move date. When your child is enrolled in their new school, that school will request the student’s records. 
  • Homeschool
  • Virtual Charter School - 
    • HSD students may enroll full-time in Oregon Virtual Public Charter Schools, as soon as an Intent to Enroll form has been received and approved by Intent to Enroll forms are provided to families by the charter schools. 

      District Notice of Intent to Enroll Instructions:
      OAR 581-020-0342: A parent must provide notice to the school district in which the parent resides that the parent intends to enroll a student in a virtual public charter school. lf more than 3% of the students who reside in the school district are enrolled in a virtual public charter school not sponsored by the district, the district must provide notice that the district: (a) Approves the student for enrollment, OR (b) Does not approve the student for enrollment in the virtual public charter school and provide a copy of this rule AND OAR 581-020-0343 to the student and a list of two or more other online options available to the student.
  • GED Option