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PTO/PTA Contacts

Parent groups exist at each of our schools to assist the staff in promoting and supporting student achievement and activities.  They provide a critical link between school and home--helping share information and ideas, planning and holding events that build a positive climate, and raising funds for equipment and programs. 

The District does not coordinate fundraisers--we leave this to our schools and school-based parent organizations.  We also do not expressly promote specific fundraising organizations or opportunities. We will only post information about fundraising activities/organizations if it is an approved event taking place at one of our schools. If you would like to contact one or more of our parent organizations about a fundraising opportunity, please do so directly.  If a parent organization has concerns about whether or not a certain fundraising activity would be allowed, they may contact Beth Graser in Communications.

School Name


Atfalati Ridge

Cameron Martinez

Aimee Collins


Co-Presidents - Michelle Dickinson, Michelle Stead

Vice-Presidents - Laura Whiting and Renee Ward

Secretary - 

Treasurers - Courtney Goodey and Trista Eckland

Communications - Jess Pygott

Butternut Creek

Jessica Baumann -


PTA: Sally Kraynik Tisa Kraynik

Martha Lavadores 

Farmington View

FVPAE - Brianna Rickard- President Kayla Fay- Vice President Sam Adamanski- Treasurer Jenni Vasquez- Secretary Boosters - Jen Blythe - President Brian Schmidt - Vice President Jennie Hummel - Treasurer Chris Parkins - Secretary

Free Orchards

Brittany Anderson, President


Kelli Dezember:


Kim Crawford 

Indian Hills

Mary Ciula, Stacy Pollard


Jennifer Brown - President

Sarah Anderson  - Vice President

Kim Malin - Secretary

Brianne Ramirez -Treasurer

Melissa Villareal - Communications Manager

Ladd Acres

Maile Coad


Caroline Vilhauer,
Crystal Geiger----Vice President
Nathalie Hill------Treasurer
Victoria Gallager--- Secretary

Lincoln Street

PTO- Layton Fishback, Frances Dela, Barb Steinhurst. PAC- Ofelia Gomez Hernandez, Catalina Marquez, Gloria Garcia


Laurie Schmidt, PTO President,

Minter Bridge

Dayna Williams


"PAC/Martha Cornelio ( + Elia Tellez (

PTO/Kara Armstrong ("

North Plains

PAC Co-President Jorge Martinez: 

Melody Keating ( and Leon Dunn (


Boosters: Robyn Brunn


Stephanie Shimp-Taylor



Katie Lewis -


Shawna Mickelson


Christy Walters, Amanda Schreiner (parent), Brenda Danielowicz


Jade Craig

W.L. Henry

Jacobo Medel Soriano,

West Union

Christine Hon (President):

Witch Hazel

Anabel Alcazar- President ( , Laura Mendoza- VP, Meghan Woodside- Treasurer.



Evergreen Middle School

Rebecca Nelson

Poynter Middle Schoolnone at this time.
South Meadows Middle School

Monica Pardy

Brown Middile School
Century High School

President: Carisa Brewster

Vice-President: Heather Buxton

Secretary: Christine Carpenter

Treasurer: Laurie Howell

Boosters Club VP- Heather Buxton; Grad Party - Charlene Bradetich, April Breault and Jamy Amaya

Liberty High School

President Delinah Soon -
Vice President Patti Jones -
Treasurer Desiree Keplinger -
Secretary Natalie Vaughn -

Hillsboro High School

Amy Mattoon

Glencoe High SchoolSusan Powel and Caryn Lawson
Hillsboro Online Academy

Angela Lorenzo

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