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Student Technology Protocols

As we have fully implemented 1:1 technology for our students over the past few years, we have realized some areas where we need to tighten our protocols in order to be good stewards of our financial and physical resources. This is especially important as pandemic relief funds that have allowed us to pay for some of the costs outlined below have expired.

Therefore, the following will be in place, effective with the 2023-24 school year:

  • Chromebook Distribution 

    • Grades PK-2 

      • Students will leave their Chromebooks at school

      • Schools will be responsible for storing and charging the units

      • Families have the option to request that their child be allowed to bring their device home, as needed

    • Grades 3-12

      • Students will take their Chromebooks home

      • Families can request that their child leave their device at school

  • Repair/Replacement

    • If a student loses their charger, they must purchase a replacement for $40

      • Replacement chargers can be obtained from the main office at the student’s school

    • If a student’s Chromebook is damaged or lost:

      • District will pay for one replacement 

        • If a second replacement is required, the student will be charged the full cost of the device OR

      • District will pay for two repairs

        • If additional repairs are required, the student will be charged:

          • $75 for the third repair

          • $150 for the fourth repair and beyond

We want all students to have access to devices and do not want the fear of repair or replacement costs to be a barrier. Schools will have the ability to work with families for whom the cost for device replacement or repair would cause a hardship.

Students and families are reminded that district-issued devices should be handled with care, according to the Acceptable Use Guidelines in the Standards of Student Conduct (p. 25). 

If your family needs help with home internet access, please report this to your child’s teacher on Family Connection Day or call our Family Digital Navigator at 503-844-1500 ext. 60241. 

For technology support, please visit the Student Tech Support website, call 503-886-8956, or email