• Hillsboro School District Meal Distribution April 1-28, 2020

    Hillsboro School District will be expanding its meal distribution system beginning on April 1, 2020 through April 28, 2020, using a bus delivery model. Meals are for all children ages 1-18. The 7 serving sites listed below will remain open as well.

    Please click this link for more information on bus stops and times: Meal Bus Routes, or map to see which stop is closest to you.


    Serving Sites:

    R.A. Brown Middle School
    Site for students at Imlay, Indian Hills, Ladd Acres, and R.A. Brown
    Century High School
    Site for students at Reedville*, Tobias, Century, and Hilhi
    South Meadows Middle School
    Site for students at Butternut Creek, Groner, Minter Bridge, Rosedale, Witch Hazel, and South Meadows
    Lincoln Street Elementary School
    Site for students at Farmington View, Free Orchards*, Lincoln Street, McKinney*, Mooberry*, and Miller Education/Big Picture
    Evergreen Middle School 
    Site for students at Jackson, North Plains, Patterson, Evergreen, and Glencoe
    Poynter Middle School
    Site for students at Brookwood, Eastwood, W.L. Henry*, and Poynter
    Liberty High School
    Site for students at Lenox, Orenco, Quatama, West Union, and Liberty

    Meals will be offered to any child at any location, ages 1-18. Distribution times at the individual school sites are 10 a.m. for elementary school students, 11 a.m. for middle school students, and 12 p.m. for high school students. 


    Distribución de Comida del 1-28 abril, 2020

    El Distrito Escolar de Hillsboro está expandiendo su sistema de distribución de comidas comenzando el 1 de abril, 2020 hasta el 28 de abril, 2020, usando el modelo de bus para la distribución. Las comidas son para todos los niños de edades de 1-18. Los 7 lugares sirviendo listados abajo continuaran abiertos también.

    Por favor hacer clic a este vínculo para más información de las paradas de bus y el horario: Distribución de las Comidas o clic aquí para ver que parada de autobús está más cerca de usted.

    Distribución de alimentos

    • Escuela Secundaria R.A. Brown
        • Sitio para estudiantes de Imlay, Indian Hills, Ladd Acres, y R.A. Brown
    • Escuela Preparatoria Century
        • Sitio para estudiantes de Reedville*, Tobias, Century y Hilhi
    • Escuela Secundaria South Meadows
        • Sitio para estudiantes de Butternut Creek, Groner, Minter Bridge, Rosedale, Witch Hazel y South Meadows
    • Escuela Primaria Lincoln Street
        • Sitio para estudiantes de Farmington View, Free Orchards*, Lincoln Street, McKinney*, Mooberry* y Centro Educativo Miller/Big Picture
    • Escuela Secundaria Evergreen 
        • Sito para estudiantes de Jackson, North Plains, Patterson, Evergreen y Glencoe
    • Escuela Secundaria Poynter 
        • Sitio para estudiantes de Brookwood, Eastwood, W.L. Henry* y Poynter
    • Escuela Preparatoria Liberty
      • Sitio para estudiantes de Lenox, Orenco, Quatama, West Union y Liberty

    Se ofrecerán alimentos a cualquier niño en cualquiera de los sitios, de 1 a 18 años. El horario de distribución en los sitios escolares será de 10 a.m. para estudiantes de primaria, 11 a.m. para estudiantes de secundaria y 12 p.m. para estudiantes de escuela preparatoria. 


  • Hillsboro School District delivers meals to students with guidance from USDA programs such as the USDA National School Lunch Program. Menu selections include fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and milk served at breakfast and lunch. Hillsboro Schools partner with local farms and businesses to include quality local products.


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