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Arts, Information and Communications

About Arts, Information and Communications

Photo montage of arts-related activities

The Arts, Information and Communications career learning area includes a wide range of career clusters that involve the creation or transmissions of information through the manipulation of a symbolic language. There is an emphasis on process and the concepts of creativity, integrity and aesthetic awareness. A product is usually associated with that process, but it is the process that retains primary importance.

--Oregon Department of Education

These high school programs are related to the Arts, Information and Communications career area: 

  • Focused Arts and Media Education (FAME)
    • Graphic Arts
    • Media
    • Music
    • Theatre
    • Visual Art
  • Fine Arts
  • Graphic Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Media/Visual Arts
    • Graphic Arts
    • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts
    • Music (Band/Choir)
    • Theatre
  • Media/Visual Arts
    • Creative Writing
    • Media Communications
    • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts
    • Instrumental Music
    • Music Arts
    • Theatre Arts
    • Vocal Music


Here are five ideas for you to look into in the local area (in Hillsboro, unless otherwise stated):


The following courses enable you to earn credits in high school and through the college indicated.

OIT = Oregon Institute of Technology   SOU = Southern Oregon University
PCC = Portland Community College   WOU = Western Oregon University
PSU = Portland State University    

Century High School

  • Adv. Junior English, Adv. Senior English, Humanities (PCC/NW Promise and WOU/Willamette Promise)
  • Communications (OIT)

Glencoe High School

  • College Prep English (PCC/NW Promise)
  • Technical Theater 2 (SOU)

Hillsboro High School

  • Senior English (PCC/NW Promise and WOU)

Liberty High School

  • English Language Arts 12 (PCC/NW Promise)
  • Senior Inquiry (PSU)
  • Theatre 4 (PCC)

AIC Coursework


Related Coursework

  • Art/Studio Art
  • Creative Writing
  • Drama/Technical Theater
  • Graphic Design
  • Humanities
  • Journalism (Print or Broadcast)
  • Language Arts
  • Music (Vocal or Instrumental)
  • Photography
  • Speech
  • Video/Studio Production