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Industrial and Engineering Systems

About Industrial and Engineering Systems

Photo montage of engineering/industrial-related activities

The Industrial and Engineering Systems career learning area relates to the technologies used to design, develop, install, operate, maintain, and upgrade physical systems. These include:

  • engineering and related design technologies
  • mechanical systems
  • manufacturing technologies
  • precision production
  • construction
  • electrical systems
  • electronics
  • information technology

People in this career area use academic and technical knowledge and skills to design, build, inspect, deliver, maintain, and repair aircraft, automobiles, buildings, computer equipment, roads, bridges, and manufacturing machinery.

--Oregon Department of Education

These high school programs are related to the Industrial and Engineering Systems career area:

  • Drafting
  • Informational Technology
  • Web Design
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing & Design Technologies
  • Automotive Service Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Drafting
  • Robotics
  • Engineering
  • STEM - Math & Science Track
    • Environmental Focus
    • Mathematics Focus
    • Science Focus
  • STEM - Engineering Track


Here are five ideas for you to look into in the local area (in Hillsboro, unless otherwise stated):


The following courses enable you to earn credits in high school college. College credits are available through Portland Community College, unless otherwise indicated.

SOU = Southern Oregon University

WOU = Western Oregon University

Century High School

  • Computer Applications
  • Drafting 1, 2
  • Pre-Calculus (WOU)
  • Web Design
  • Applied Web Design

Glencoe High School

  • Algebra 2
  • AP Calculus BC (SOU)
  • Pre-Calculus (PCC/NW Promise)
  • Architectural Drafting 1
  • Architectural Drafting 2
  • Drafting 1
  • Machine Welding 2

Hillsboro High School

  • Automotive Technology 1, 2, 3
  • Construction Technology: Metal

Liberty High School

  • Computer Applications
  • Physics
  • Pre-Calculus (PCC/NW Promise)
  • Principles of Engineering

IES Coursework

Related Coursework

  • Architectural and Interior Design
  • Architectural Drafting
  • Automotive Technology
  • Computer Keyboarding/
  • Computer Science/
  • Digital Electronics/
    Electronic Technology
  • Drafting Technology/
    Computer Graphics
  • Engineering Design/
    Principles of Engineering
  • Machine Welding
  • Robotics
  • Web Design/
    Applied Web Design
  • Wood Technology


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