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Dual Language Expansion Timeline

Our Dual Language program is meant to expand as cohorts of students move up through our system. We offer one "robust" program at South Meadows Middle School and Hillsboro High School (Hilhi). These programs each offer at least three core content courses in a Spanish-English blend. At our other middle and high schools, we will strive to offer at least one Spanish Literature course (equivalent to English Language Arts) - that can be taken either for core or elective credit at the middle school level and for elective credit at the high school level - and up to two additional core content courses in a Spanish-English blend. This way, students are able to maintain and grow their bilingual skills without having to transfer.

All students who successfully complete the portfolio and performance tasks associated with the Bilingual Seal are eligible to earn the seal on their diploma - students do not have to attend the Hilhi feeder program to qualify.

See a visual representation of the expansion plan below and note that it is subject to change based on the availability of staffing.

Click image to enlarge.

Chart showing the expansion timeline for Dual Language programs