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Behavior Support Plans (BSPs)

Students who are experiencing difficulty demonstrating or maintaining expected school behaviors sometimes need additional support. One way to provide that support is through the creation of a Behavior Support Plan (BSP).

Any student can be placed on a BSP, and while there are expectations for students (e.g. check-ins, taking appropriate breaks when needed, etc.), a BSP primarily addresses adult actions and teaching that are intended to help the student be better able to display positive behavior. It is a living, breathing document that can and should change along with the needs of the student.

Often, the first step in the BSP process is conducting a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) to determine why a student is doing what they're doing, and identifying the types of teaching or interventions that could cause an appropriate behavior to lead to the same result. FBAs require parent/guardian permission, and parents/guardians are key partners in the process.

BSPs are concluded when specific supports are no longer needed for a student to demonstrate appopriate behavior and access their curriculum.