2020-21 Return to School Q&A

  • Why are students not back in school yet, with the metrics trending in the right direction and conflicting reports about what health and safety guidelines really need to be followed by schools to be effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19?

  • Will my elementary-age children be able to have their same teacher if they return to hybrid?

  • When do parents need to make a decision about keeping their students in CDL or placing them in the hybrid model?

  • If students return to school in the hybrid model, then case rates go above 350/100,000, would we go back to 100% CDL?

  • What if students refuse to wear a mask (and they don’t have a medical reason for not doing so) or if they intentionally go into other students’ personal space, touch them, etc.?

  • Can students be asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 and how would that affect our community?

  • Can you talk about the ventilation systems in schools?

  • Why is it so much harder to bring secondary students back to in-person learning?

  • Seniors have not set foot on campus in 2020-21. They have missed out on every senior tradition. How are you preparing graduation?