School Donation Needs

  • School Contact Phone/Email Donations Needed Date
    Butternut ES Jayna Blanchard 503-844-1390 x6008  snacks for the special education classrooms, individually packaged items are great but not necessary -- examples: goldfish, popcorn, granola bars, fruit bars, crackers, pretzels, fruit snacks, chex mix, corn nuts, etc. 10/27/2022
    Eastwood ES Yamelis Romero   503-844-1725 ext 6302    971-203-2973 Masa All-purpose flour enriched bleached Shelf stable milk Juice Fresh fruits (i.e. Mandarins, apples, bananas) bread onions, garlic, potatoes (this was a big hit) Tuna cans Canola oil 2lbs Rice 2lbs bean bags Spaghetti sauce Cereal Pasta of any kind (shell pasta etc.) Pancake mix Syrup Oatmeal Gold fish 09/28/2022
    Farmington View ES Paice Adams 503-844-1735 Pencils, colored pencils, markers, crayons, 3" binders, dividers, zippered pencil pouches, folders, post-it notes (3 inch), dry erase markers thick and thin 8/24/22
    North Plains ES Kellie Petrick 503-844-1630 All district school supplies for a 4th and 5th grade female.  2 lunch boxes, 2 water bottles, clothes and shoes for each student. 8/13/2022
    R.A. Brown MS Maria Fernandez 503-844-1074 School supplies: large 3-ring binders, pencil pouches, college ruled spiral notebooks, college ruled composition notebooks, pencils. 10/18/2022
    West Union ES Robin Ng 503-844-1620 x4128  We are in need of snacks to keep in the counseling and special education offices. Items that are individually packaged are best like pretzels/crackers, snack mixes, granola bars, applesauce/fruit pouches, etc. Thank you in advance! 12/2/22