Grades 7 and 8

  • All students are expected to have the following required items:

    • 3” to 5” D -ring binder (3 rings, minimum of 3”). The bigger binders with a zipper will fit a Chromebook inside, which will make carrying supplies easier. 

    • Pencil Pouch for 3-ring binder

    • Dividers

    • Notebook paper – at least two packs of either college-ruled or wide-ruled

    • At least 4 blue or black ink pens

    • #2 pencils (several boxes, but don’t bring all to school at the same time)

    • 4 college-ruled composition books for interactive notebooks (math, science, social studies, language arts) - may need to be replaced at second semester

    • One package of colored highlighters, specifically pink/blue/green

    • Athletic bottoms (shorts, leggings, athletic joggers, etc.) No jeans. Shirt and lock are provided. No sandals/slides, boots, crocs, heels. Most other shoes okay.

    • Earbuds/headphones

    Nice to Have:

    • Scientific calculator, including a fraction key (TI 30X recommended)

    • Ruler – metric/standard (with 3 holes to fit in 3-ring binder)

    • 2 fine-tipped black felt non-permanent marker pens. Sharpies and other permanent markers are not allowed and will be confiscated

    • An extra college-ruled composition notebook with graph paper