School Bus Passes - All bus riders are assigned to specific routes and specific bus stops.  If your student needs to ride a different route or get on/off at a different stop on a certain day, i.e. going to a friends house, they will need a “bus pass”.  

    To obtain a “bus pass” Parents/ Guardians will need to send a note with their student to give to the schools front office.  The front office staff will issue the “bus pass” to the student with the appropriate route number and stop location.  The student will then give the “bus pass” to the Bus Driver.   

    You may also contact you school’s office in person or by phone with the alternate address and they will issue the “bus pass”.   Students must present a bus pass to the driver or they will not be allowed on the alternate bus or be left off at an alternate stop location.


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  • CHS will be given 50 devices to help bridge the gap of bandwidth from school to home

    The mission of the Sprint 1Million Project is to help high school students who do not have reliable Internet access at home by giving them mobile devices and free high-speed Internet access.

    CHS will receive 50 devices to help students bridge the gap of bandwidth from school to home. Each student will receive the following as a part of this project:

    • A mobile hot spot, 3Gbps of monthly data
    • A district issued Chromebook to be utilized as long as they are in the District.

    Please visit or share following link ( if you or kids you know ....

    • Could benefit from this opportunity
    • Could responsibly take care of the equipment loaned to them for as long as they attend CHS
    • Have legitimate need

    Students will be selected from the submissions we receive on the google form.  Once selected, each student will have to complete the very simple one page consent (Spanish or English versions available).

    My goal is to get 100% students selected and equipment assigned prior to winter break.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Julie Kasper


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  • Century Lanyards and ID’s:

    At CHS, we are always evaluating our systems for keeping your students safe.  To help ensure that only CHS students are present during the school day, we have distributed school IDs and lanyards to students and staff.  This safety measure is being implemented across all Hillsboro School District high schools.  We have communicated the expectation of wearing IDs to students and any help you can provide in encouraging them to wear their lanyards & IDs would be appreciated.  Starting Monday, October 1st, students who don't have a lanyard and ID will be issued a temporary lanyard they will need to turn in at the end of the day. Thanks for your help in keeping Century High School a safe place.

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