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New Student Representatives to the School Board

September 16, 2019 - For the second year, the HSD School Board is welcoming Student Representatives to its ranks to provide student voice and perspective. 

Congratulations are in order for this year’s Representatives: Andrew Goodwin from Glencoe, Maria Isabel Aguilar Alvarado from Hilhi, and Danny Adzima from Hillsboro Big Picture. 

According to Board procedure, the Student Representative opportunity rotates between schools on an annual basis to provide students from all high schools and high school programs the chance to participate. Next year, Representatives will be sought from Century, Liberty, and Hillsboro Online Academy. 

Although they are non-voting members of the Board, the students still took the oath of office at the June 11, 2019, meeting, attended the Board Retreat in August, and will participate in all meetings throughout the 2019-20 school year (with the exception of executive sessions). 

Below is a bit more about each of them. 

Andrew Goodwin. A senior at Glencoe, Andrew serves as the school’s ASB Secretary of State and as the Video Coordinator for Glencoe Football. He enjoys being involved both at his school and in the community, and hopes to provide a voice for his fellow students. “I understand the difference between being heard and being listened to,” he shares. “Being involved at Glencoe has shown me that many students want to be part of something bigger than themselves.” He also has a passion for what he calls the “lifeline” of 21st century education: mental health, extracurriculars, the arts, and career-technical education. Andrew plans to attend Linfield College and triple-major in Creative Writing, Digital Art, and Molecular Biology. 

Maria Isabel Aguilar Alvarado. Maria is a senior at Hilhi and serves as both the president of the school’s MEChA club and as a member of Link Crew - a group of upperclassmen who support freshmen and complete service projects in the community. She is also a member of the Western Farm Workers Association (WFWA), which is an organization that supports and advocates for farm and seasonal workers. She is passionate about creating safe and welcoming spaces for students and families, and volunteering for the betterment of her school and community. “Community services is not done for a reward,” Maria explains, “but seeing that we made a positive change for someone in our community - it fills me with happiness and pride to be able to make such an impact on a person.” 

Amanda Jean “Danny” Adzima. Danny is a junior at HSD’s newest high school offering: Big Picture. In the Big Picture model, students learning is self-directed and involves long-term internship experiences through which they connect their classroom learning to the real world. Self-described as a leader and social justice advocate, Danny “finds serving in [her] community, school, and city extremely rewarding and inspiring.” She has served on the leadership of her school’s Gay-Straight Alliance for the past two years, has been a member of HSD’s Bond Oversight committee, and has been a Girl Scout for eleven years. She has a passion for supporting students with special needs and ensuring all schools provide safe and welcoming spaces for all students. 

Welcome to all of our Student Representatives! We look forward to the pertinence and richness you will bring to our Board and District work.