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Donations Needed for Evergreen Bike Club

Poynter custodian John Sarrazin with his Bike Club members in Dec. 2016

April 15, 2019 - Since 2009, current Liberty High School head custodian John Sarrazin has been running an after-school Bike Club for students at Poynter Middle School. John takes in old bikes from the Hillsboro Police Department, community and staff members, and teaches students how to repair and rebuild them. The refurbished bikes are then given away to students in need. The goals of the club are to help students with math, teach them valuable and practical skills, and allow them to give back to the community through service. Because of the renovations taking place at Poynter, John has moved his operation to Evergreen Middle School and is in need of bicycles, tools, and volunteers. If you have a donation or are interested in helping out, please contact John at