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Bond Update: Hilhi Portables

November 11, 2019 - Thirteen portable buildings have been placed in Hilhi’s parking lot to provide 26 temporary classrooms during the phase 3 and 4 building renovations. Instruction in the “Spartan Estates, a gated community,” as named by the school, will begin on Dec. 2 after ADA ramps, skirting, utility connections, and classroom moves have been completed. Fencing and other security measures will be placed around the area.

The portables were obtained to help accelerate the final phase 4 construction schedule to overlap with phase 3, and to ensure completion of all of Hilhi’s renovations by mid-August 2020. Also, the affected classrooms will only need to be moved once during these remaining phases, lessening disruption.

Phase 2 is nearly complete; the media center and social studies building will be open to students on Nov. 12. The creative arts building is expected to be finished by Nov. 21. Phase 3 will begin on Dec. 4 with renovations to the language arts building. Phase 4 (remaining buildings) will start no later than Jan. 6, 2020. Parking lot improvements and roofing work will be conducted over summer 2020. When all the phases are completed, the academic buildings on the campus will have received seismic and HVAC upgrades, building envelope improvements, polished concrete flooring, and brighter lighting—resulting in a rejuvenated campus for the Hilhi community.

View Hilhi’s project updates at, including photos of the completed work for phases 1 and 2.