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Weekly Blueprint Planning Update

July 29, 2020 - Based on announcements this week from Governor Kate Brown and the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), Superintendent Scott sent this letter to the community on Tuesday, July 27, announcing that HSD will start school this fall in Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL).

That said, we are continuing work on HSD’s Blueprint 2020, our response to the updated Ready School, Safe Students guidance from ODE. Teams at the district and school levels continue to plan for hybrid and in-person learning, preparing our schools and staff for our eventual return to school in-person. All along we have known that robust CDL would be the foundation for quality hybrid learning, and now that we understand that CDL will be our service model in the fall, we have increased focus in this area.

Next week we are gearing up to share our HSD Blueprint 2020 with the Board and Washington County Health Authority, knowing that the guidance from ODE required us to submit these plans to these two groups prior to the August 17 due date to ODE. We have gathered input from school staff, parents, students, community partners, and educational leaders in order to create these plans. We are grateful to all of you for your support. We believe that high-quality, equitable learning experiences are possible as we work together to support our students. Thank you in advance for taking action to support students and teachers this fall. 

Spanish soon!