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Administrative Announcements

Friday, May 28, 2021 - Today, Superintendent Mike Scott made several administrative announcements for the 2021-22 school year. 

Sarah Keller, Principal of Lenox Elementary School
Keller replaces current principal Gina McLain, who will become the new principal of Butternut Creek Elementary School once Dani Johnson assumes her new role as principal of Atfalati Ridge Elementary School. Keller started her educational career in the Hillsboro School District in 2009 as an elementary classroom teacher. In 2016, she became the District’s PAX teacher on special assignment (TOSA) - a job whose title changed in 2018 to universal student supports TOSA to reflect the encompassing of PAX and the implementation of Sanford Harmony curriculum across all of the District’s elementary schools. Sarah also supports visioning, strategic planning, implementation, and monitoring of HSD’s Career & College and Social Emotional Learning roadmaps, resources, and overall framework for grades PreK-12; in addition to serving as co-facilitator of the District’s Climate and Culture professional learning community.  

Kellie Petrick, Principal of North Plains Elementary School
Petrick replaces current principal Becky Rios, who is retiring at the end of the 2020-21 school year. Petrick has held a number of positions in the District over the past 17 years, including elementary classroom teacher, elementary math TOSA, K-8 math specialist, and more. She is currently working as the District’s standards alignment and curriculum TOSA and has served as an administrator substitute since last fall. A member of the District’s Future Leaders program, Petrick has played an integral role in designing and facilitating the transition from Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) to the hybrid model this school year. She is also the lead for our Middle School Summer School and High School Summer Bridge programs. 

Krista Reiman, Assistant Principal of South Meadows Middle School
Reiman replaces current assistant principal Jose Barraza, who will become the new principal of Eastwood Elementary School once Lindsay Garcia assumes her new role as executive director of elementary schools. Reiman currently serves as dean of students at South Meadows. She has been a South Meadows staff member since the school opened in 2009. Between 2009 and 2018, she served as a Language Arts teacher, English/Language Arts department coordinator, and instructional coach. From 2015 through 2018, she split her time between South Meadows and the District Office, where she worked as the secondary literacy TOSA. As dean of students, Reiman fosters student success, runs the CARE and attendance teams, collaborates with counselors, assists with administrative duties and supervision, supports student behavior, and is the AVID site coordinator. 

Alan Foster, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director of Liberty High School

Lauren McFarland, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director of Glencoe High School
Beginning in the 2021-22 school year, each of the District’s comprehensive high schools is converting its athletic director job to a combined assistant principal/athletic director position. Administrative staff members have greater latitude for supervision of students and evaluation of staff, which will allow schools to enhance their leadership and support systems. 

Foster has held a multitude of positions at all levels of K-12 education. He taught elementary PE, was a high school substitute teacher, and served for 15 years as director of admissions and financial aid at a private institution in Alabama. He is also a longtime coach of Track, Cross-Country, Soccer, and Basketball. Since 2015, Foster has served as Liberty’s athletic director. In that role he has created development opportunities for all coaches, students, and parents by implementing the seasonal Positive Coaching Alliance workshops and seminars; and developed and implemented strategic systems to increase participation numbers and improve access to extracurricular opportunities. 

McFarland currently serves as the athletic director for Northampton High School in Massachusetts. Prior to that, she worked in the Los Angeles area at California Lutheran University, La Reina High School and Middle School, and Maranatha High School as a coach, PE teacher, and assistant athletic director. At Northampton, McFarland has created a collaborative work environment with other administrative staff to serve the entire student population; managed the budget and allocated funds for athletic programs; and guided, educated, and encouraged coaches and student athletes on best practices. She is skilled in planning physical education programs for diverse student populations, and has substantial administrative experience spanning middle school, high school, and college levels. 

The week of May 31, the District anticipates being able to announce the new AP/AD at Century High School, as well as the new assistant principal at Liberty High School who will be taking Amy Torres’ place when she becomes the new principal of alternative education, Miller Education Center, and Hillsboro Big Picture.