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Morning Meetings

October 14, 2019 - Positive peer relationships help students feel safe and ready to attend to their learning on a daily basis. One of the ways our elementary school teachers are fostering an environment where students can experience and engage in positive peer relationships is through the use of morning meetings

Typically consisting of a greeting, sharing, activity, and morning message, these morning meetings help to set the tone for respectful and engaged learning in a climate of trust, create the positive power of community by fulfilling students’ need to belong and feel significant, and create an environment where both teachers and students can have fun! Morning meetings also create a platform for students to model and practice social and emotional skills and integrate these skills within their academic learning.

This year, ten elementary schools are piloting a new set of resources from Sanford Harmony that are to be utilized during the Morning Meeting structure. These resources provide educators with the tools to foster and support student connections, collaborations and learning. Sanford Harmony targets the development of social skills with a focus on peer relationship processes that contribute to students’ overall academic success. The program consists of structured activities, lessons, games, and stories designed to promote inclusive and collaborative learning environments and the development of healthy peer relationships.

Harmony creates an environment where students learn the value of creating friendships with diverse peers; appreciate the importance of being thoughtful and careful listeners; and learn to identify and demonstrate the physical signs of different emotions in order to speak up with confidence in a respectful way. Students meet in groups to discuss and compare important friendship qualities and identify strategies for coping with bullying behaviors. Additionally, students develop their sense of empathy and recognize what it means to be part of a community.


14 de octubre de 2019 -  Una manera de reducir el comportamiento de acoso es ayudando a los estudiantes a crear relaciones positivas con sus compañeros. Este año, diez de nuestras escuelas primarias están probando un nuevo programa llamado Morning Meeting (reunión matutina) y utilizando recursos de Sanford Harmony para ayudar a desarrollar entornos respetuosos donde los estudiantes se sientan valorados y listos para aprender. Tanto el protocolo de Morning Meeting como los materiales de Sanford Harmony son ejemplos de enfoques del aprendizaje socio-emocional (SEL, por sus siglas en inglés) que ayudan a los estudiantes a modelar y practicar los tipos de destrezas que serán valiosas a lo largo de sus vidas. Pulse aquí para obtener más información.