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Bond News: Technology Roll-Out Begins

January 22, 2018 - One of the more exciting line items in the 2017 bond was a significant investment in technology of approximately $30 million. That investment will be divided roughly equally between infrastructure and devices.

The first $1.1 million of expenditure, and the first major bond project of 2018, is phase one of the student device roll-out. Taking place from mid-January through early April 2018, this roll-out consists of deploying 40-unit Chromebook carts to each school to replace their old computer labs.

High schools are receiving five carts, middle schools are receiving four carts, and elementary schools are receiving two to four carts, based on their enrollment, for a total of 117 carts and 4,680 Chromebooks in our schools come springtime!

Enthusiasm at the high schools was palpable as the new machines and carts were delivered. “I am so excited to receive these Chromebooks,” remarked Trista Harvey, Technology Facilitator at Century High School. “This is not only exciting just because of the old and outdated technology that’s been in our labs the last few years, but [also because it will enable] new opportunities for teachers to explore student learning goals [and] new ways of teaching and learning.”

Phase two of the student device roll-out will consist of deploying additional machines to schools in support of the District’s “sufficiency model” for mobile student learning. The sufficiency model differs from a one-to-one model in that it takes into account students who have access to, and choose to use, their own devices. The timeline for that roll-out is being determined this school year.

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